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Use The Moviestarplanet Guide To Acquire The Game Resources

If you want to be a movie star and gain fame at the earliest among your social networking friends, use the moviestarplanet hack to get access to the advanced features of the game.

When you play the free Moviestarplanet game, you become a part of the social universe where you can meet and chat with all your friends. Since it is safe for children, your parents will not mind you playing the game. You need not spend any cash to play the game, but if you want to upgrade faster in the game, you require spending some resources, that you can easily find at the moviestarplanet tips.

MovieStarPlanet Guide

As in most other online games, you need some game currency to buy some in-game articles. Here are the currencies that you need in the game. The major currencies in the game are Star coins and Fame and Diamonds. You can earn the coins by making movies and play games. You can also earn Star coins and Fame, when other players watch the movies made by you. You also earn by playing the game with your friends and participating in various creative competitions. Having these resources is essential to buy all the costumes and the animations and other things that you require to make movies. You can get all the resources using the msp hack tool.

If you are a moviestarplanet buff, and you love buying all that is available to dress yourself up, then you need to have a continuous supply of coins. There are many in-game techniques to get a lot of Star coins. Spinning the coin wheel is an easy way to get coins. If you are a non-VIP member, you can turn the wheel only once in a day. For moviestarplanet vip members, this is possible four times in a day. Another simple way to earn coins in the moviestarplanet is to visit the chatroom. Visiting the chat room earns you Star coins. Another tactics that you can use to earn coins is buying a pet and visit the pet-park chatroom. When you are in the chatroom, you need to click on pets owned by other members to get Star coins.

Playing the game does not require you to spend anything. But you need to earn some coins to move faster in the match. The Star coins and Fame come in handy when you want to make progress in the game. You can use the coins to make purchases in the game.  You can use the resources to buy virtual goods that you require to dress up your in-game character or avatar. The game has many advanced features that you can access by using the coins that you earn through the task and competitions in the game. To upgrade from an ordinary member to a VIP member, you need to make a payment. You need to pay an amount of Star coins that you can easily get using msp vip guide.

To become a VIP member in the game, you require paying eighty dollars in the online game.   Spending this amount fetches you a membership, for one year. If you do not have cash, use the tricks tools to find the coins and diamonds for getting the premium membership.

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